Silencio Vertical Rotating Louvre

Complement your sliding roofs with louvre screens - the ideal choice for upmarket window louvre shutters or privacy screens!


Manual or Motorised?

Manual Vertical Louvre Screens

Our Manual vertical louvres can be rotated to through almost 180 degrees. We manufacture privacy screens and window louvre shutters in any size to fit your specific requirements.

Motorised Vertical Louvre Screens

Motorised vertical louvres feature rotating fins which are operated by motor for that extra touch of luxury. Add a sun sensor for the ultimate convenience and your louvre screens and window louvre shutters will keep the sun out at all times!

Silencio Vertical Rotating Louvre

Ideal For:

  • Upmarket window louvre shutters
  • Privacy screens
  • Commercial louvre shutters
Silencio Vertical Rotating Louvre

At A Glance:

  • Available with fixed or rotating louvres
  • Colour-matched to your personal taste
  • Available with sun sensors
  • Years of trouble-free service
  • 3-year warranty

Silencio Vertical Rotating Louvre

Fabulous examples of our Louvres.

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